Version 0.8.4 is released

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix preventing session logout when window is maxmimized.
    • Fix empty space in organize window when copying songs/playlists to devices.
    • Fix crash when opening about dialog in a wayland session.
    • Fix stretched fancy/side tabbar style issue with adwaita style (Fedora/Gnome).
    • Fix centering star icon on playlist tabbar.
    • Fix network proxy settings for streaming.
    • Fix copy URL to clipboard to handle non-ASCII characters.
    • Fix HiDPI scaling for glow animation and drag over playlist.
    • Fix smart playlist search by filename.
    • Fix single letter collection nodes showing before dividers.


    • Add support for native global shortcuts on KDE.
    • Add track progress in system tray icon as an option.
    • Only strip problematic characters in suggested filename when saving a playlist to file.
    • Change star/unstar playlist to doubleclick instead of singleclick.
    • Don't edit playlist name on doubleclick in playlists view.
    • Make context view top label text selectable.
    • Add setting to change Qt style.
    • Clear ID3v3 tags that are empty, and clear ID3v1 tags when setting ID3v3 tags.
    • Remove remaining uses of QTextCodec.
    • Remove Core5Compat dependency.

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