• Hello, great music player. I use it as my daily driver.

    Only problem is that I'm still on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) because I just don't like newer versions, but it's still supported until next year.

    Would it be possible for the player to be backported to Xenial? I tried the Bionic package, but it'd just lead to dependency breaks. Please help out, since I'd like to get as much as I still can out of a Xenial system.


  • The last release we have for Xenial is 0.5.5 still available on https://github.com/strawberrymusicplayer/strawberry/releases
    It's not possible to use a newer version without upgrading Qt and sqlite3 to newer versions.
    To use a newer version you need to compile from source and upgrade Qt and sqlite3, maybe those are available through PPA's.