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  • Hi,

    I've been a desktop Linux user for two years now and only just came upon Strawberry by accident. How is it possible that after four years it doesn't have a bigger profile in the Linux community?? I'm sponsoring the project of course - a free audio-quality-first player? I'm in!

    Thank you for your ongoing contribution to audiophile audio, and I do hope your back pain problem is proving manageable.


  • I thought it had a big profile in the Linux community. But who knows, it's hard to know, since we don't track usage or anything.
    There have been articles and reviews on many of the most popular Linux and open source related web sites which has helped increase it's popularity.
    It got added to most Linux distros repositories not many months after I released the first version. openSUSE was first because I submitted it there myself, and it was quickly accepted, but Fedora followed not long after. But it never got added in debian, which means it's not available in Ubuntu and Linux Mint either, I know those are probably the most popular Linux distros on the desktop so it might be the main reason some users do not know about it.
    Thanks for sponsoring.

  • It was presumptuous of me to speak for the community at large - my apologies! What I meant was why hadn't I heard about it sooner, based on my linux audiophile quest 😊

    Thanks again,


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