• Clementine had a long-standing suggestion of embedding cover art in a file's tag https://github.com/clementine-player/Clementine/issues/1176. I'd like to make the same suggestion for Strawberry, for the same reasons many others wanted it for Clementine: the cover can appear with the file wherever the file may be, even outside of its parent folder. Nowadays with hard drive space so cheap I'm not concerned about duplicating the cover image into multiple files.

  • yes i requested this option in clementine long time ago.

    i ripped al my cd's and sacd's and remove all numbers i don't like, so i never have to skip/hear them again.
    a lot of numbers get in folders with different artists albums, the cover.jpg/front.jpg will not work in one folder.
    and it could be nice to scan for covers and embed them in the mp3/flac file

    now if i scan and save a cover, strawberry uses this one as a albumcover for all files