Collection view: bigger covers, grid view, advanced grouping by

  • Hi,
    I am new to Strawberry (and Linux Mint 20, coming from MusicBee@Windows via Clementine). I like Strawberry until now but do missing some features I am used to - maybe I am just to stupid to find the correct settings. If not I would like to suggest the following feature requests (let me know if I just did not find it):

    1. bigger cover size in Collection View (adjustable size?)
    2. grid view in Collection View like in Cover Manager (with bigger covers, see screenshot right hand side)? Maybe similar than e.g. MusicBee (Link)
    3. advanced "grouping by" options: The closest grouping to my imagination I could achive is depicted in screenshot left hand side: 1.) Year-Album 2.) Interpret.
      a) If I want see the Interpret I have to click onto the Album.
      b) before the album name always the year is stated - although it is already included in the headlines (what should be enough).
      c) How I can achieve a reversed order (latest year on top)?

    Maybe a two line layout per album in this view would also be very valueable, togehter with bigger covers. Takes of course more space, but would make it looks nicer and easier to scroll through...

    This are my main questions. But the following things also puzzles me:

    1. What about options for covers also in the playlists (right panel)? (grouped by album)
    2. Can I add a internet stream URL permanently for a quick access of radio stations anywhere? How?
    3. How I can add a album to the currently playing playlist but shuffled within this album (or within each album if multiple selected)? I tried it with "Playlist"-->"Shuffle"-->"Shuffle tracks in this album" but can't figure out how the above written could be achieved.
    4. Can I just shuffel selected tracks within a playlist (not all)?
    5. What is the difference between "Que Track" and "Append to current playlist" - both are sending tracks to the playlist (right panel), right?

    Screenshot of current possibility (left hand side) and mock-up of my ideas (right hand side):
    Idee Musiksammlung Strawberry Verbesserung.png

    Thanks for any hints or implementing things.
    Cheers, Robert