• New in 0.6.11:


    • Fixed MPRIS missing art url when playing albums with embedded cover.
    • Fixed updating local non collection songs when manually unsetting cover.
    • Fixed infinite loop and preceding crash when CSS background-color was set in qt5ct.
    • Fixed UI freeze when updating the database from a large Subsonic or Tidal collection.
    • Fixed crash when CD loading fails in devices.
    • Fixed CD devices showing up with having 0 songs after loading.
    • Fixed the album cover loading indicator being stuck if no cover providers were available.
    • Fixed the playing widget not updating artist, album or title after metadata has changed for a song when no album cover was loaded.


    • Sort songs in collection by song title instead of track if previous grouping is not the album.
    • Added option to switch on/off automatically searching for album covers to context settings.
    • Reset last played song when playlist is finished.
    • Checking content type of received HTTP request for image when receiving album covers.
    • Added option to scrobbler setting for turning off login error popup.
    • Made MusicBrainz and Discogs cover providers respect rate limiting.

    New features:

    • Added option to show/hide sidebar.
    • Added settings for selecting album cover and lyrics providers.
    • Added album covers from Musixmatch and Spotify.
    • Added lyrics from Genius, Musixmatch and ChartLyrics.