Show in file browser: if all music files are in the same folder, do not prompt

  • I right click on an album and go to "Show in File Browser". It says that it will open 6 windows (since that's the number of music files in it), yet all 6 files are in the same folder and even when I choose "OK", it opens one tab in my file browser with the music files. If the number of distinct locations is 1, it should not prompt.

    (This is more of an enhancement request on an existing feature)

    Is it possible to request the file browser do a selection on the files so we can see, out of the entire directory, which x number of files were requested from strawberry?

  • On Linux this depends on what file manager is in use. I recently added some extra code so that nautilus and dolphin works with selecting file, while others like thunar does not, because it does not have support for selecting files.