Internet radio directory support ie icecast

  • I would love it if you can intagrated the icecast directory into play like vlc dose

    Icecast directory

    And I would love it if u could support shoutcast directory that be nice

    I would love a nice way to bookmark/ favorite internet radio station

    And some sort of podcast search would be nice
    Using gpodder possible for one as other programs have used it for podcasts media aggregate directory

  • would love this to be supported

  • Clementine had icecast msuic directory functionality that was quite good; it seems the current implementation in clementine may have a few bugs concerning vorbis streams and such; however, this is a MUST have feature for strawberry in my opinion. It has always been my reason for sticking with clementine and a constant thorn in my side that clementine has had unfixed bugs concerning vorbis streams for many years now. I don't know if clementine has stopped developement and bug fixes or what; but, I really hope to see the icecast directory back in clementine. Unfortunately decided to break their beautiful web-based directory searcher with the new less functional version; but, eh, that's beside the point.

    Hope to see the icecast directory back in action again soon! And working this time!

  • please please support this