• @llucps said in First run with Qt 6:

    Looks like the dmg is missing dependencies including strawberry-tagreader
    So it picks up an old version from /usr/local/bin/strawberry-tagreader instead which might be the reason it crashes too.
    I'll look into it tomorrow and create a new one.

  • @jonas Thanks!

  • @jonas um.. not yet 😉

    12:27:09.502 INFO  main:167                         Strawberry 0.8.5-29-g514becc5
    12:27:09.503 INFO  main:168                         "macOS 11.1 11.1 - (darwin 20.2.0) [x86_64]"
    12:27:09.503 DEBUG Utilities:814                    Max fd: 10240
    12:27:09.596 DEBUG main:194                         Looking for resources in "/Applications/strawberry.app/Contents/MacOS/../PlugIns"
    12:27:09.599 DEBUG main:209                         Style: "macos"
    12:27:09.604 INFO  Database:150                     Creating initial database schema
    12:27:09.613 INFO  Database:428                     Updating "playlist_items" for %allsongstables
    12:27:09.617 DEBUG Application:254                  Database(0x7faa09ea2650) moved to thread QThread(0x7faa09db8940)
    12:27:09.617 DEBUG SCollection:63                   CollectionBackend(0x7faa09e86e00) moved to thread QThread(0x7faa09db8940)
    12:27:09.623 DEBUG Application:254                  AlbumCoverLoader(0x7faa09dbbc20) moved to thread QThread(0x7faa09dbdd90)
    12:27:09.631 DEBUG SCollection:95                   CollectionWatcher(0x7faa09dc6130) moved to thread QThread(0x7faa09dc54b0)
    12:27:09.631 DEBUG GstStartup:117                   Setting GIO module path to "/Applications/strawberry.app/Contents/MacOS/../PlugIns/gio-modules"
    12:27:09.631 DEBUG GstStartup:127                   Setting GStreamer plugin scanner to "/Applications/strawberry.app/Contents/MacOS/../PlugIns/gst-plugin-scanner"
    12:27:09.632 DEBUG GstStartup:137                   Setting GStreamer plugin path to "/Applications/strawberry.app/Contents/MacOS/../PlugIns/gstreamer"
    12:27:09.632 DEBUG GstStartup:148                   Setting GStreamer registry file to "/Users/llucps/Library/Application Support/Strawberry/Strawberry/gst-registry-0.8.5-29-g514becc5-bin"
    12:27:09.633 DEBUG Application:254                  TagReaderClient(0x7faa09dc7770) moved to thread QThread(0x7faa09dc7b50)
    12:27:09.634 DEBUG >:243                            Using worker "strawberry-tagreader" from "/Applications/strawberry.app/Contents/MacOS/../PlugIns"
    12:27:09.634 DEBUG >:292                            Starting worker 0x70000d08d868 "/Applications/strawberry.app/Contents/MacOS/../PlugIns/strawberry-tagreader" "/private/var/folders/c4/1hsjl1rx49z4lwj3xgn78xdm0000gn/T/strawberry_18968978"
    12:27:09.638 DEBUG >:292                            Starting worker 0x70000d08d868 "/Applications/strawberry.app/Contents/MacOS/../PlugIns/strawberry-tagreader" "/private/var/folders/c4/1hsjl1rx49z4lwj3xgn78xdm0000gn/T/strawberry_18268763"
    12:27:09.689 INFO  main:56                          TagReader worker connecting to "/private/var/folders/c4/1hsjl1rx49z4lwj3xgn78xdm0000gn/T/strawberry_18968978"
    12:27:09.693 DEBUG >:311                            Worker 0x7faa09ea9410 connected to "/private/var/folders/c4/1hsjl1rx49z4lwj3xgn78xdm0000gn/T/strawberry_18968978"
    12:27:09.695 INFO  main:56                          TagReader worker connecting to "/private/var/folders/c4/1hsjl1rx49z4lwj3xgn78xdm0000gn/T/strawberry_18268763"
    12:27:09.697 DEBUG >:311                            Worker 0x7faa09ea9430 connected to "/private/var/folders/c4/1hsjl1rx49z4lwj3xgn78xdm0000gn/T/strawberry_18268763"
    12:27:09.699 WARN  mpris::Mpris2:114                Failed to register "org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.strawberry" on the session bus
    12:27:09.703 DEBUG GlobalShortcutBackendKDE:49      Registering
    Segmentation fault: 11

  • @llucps
    The tagreader worker issue is fixed. The crash is probably the same as reported in https://forum.strawberrymusicplayer.org/topic/131/strawberry-for-macos-big-sur/3
    Maybe some of the core libraries on Catalina and Big Sur are not binary compatible.
    I don't have Big Sur to test on.
    Does it show a backtrace?

  • @jonas
    This is what I get.. but don't worry if it's too complicated.. I can wait until we get a QT6 build that works with Big Sur.

    I've been using the 0.8.5 builds with Big Sur just fine, I justed wanted to test if the responisveness has been improved because ofthe use of Metal in QT6


  • @llucps
    Yeah, that's why I made different releases for each macOS version now.
    The only problem with that is that I can no longer update the sparkle updater, since that would update for those that have Big Sur to the Mojave or Catalina builds. But maybe there is a solution for that I'm not a aware of.

  • I wonder if I can just build on Big Sur and set CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 10.14

  • @jonas Is there something I can do to help?

  • @llucps I realize it won't work because all the libraries used from homebrew are compiled on Big Sur with no comparability.