Strawberry Music Player is now compatible with Qt 6

  • Strawberry Music Player is now compatible with Qt 6 for testing using the code from Git. If you plan to add a Qt 6 test repository you can test a Qt 6 version of Strawberry as well.

    To compile with Qt 6, use : cmake .. -DWITH_QT6=ON

    By default it will still look for Qt 5 unless WITH_QT6 is set, but the required version is now 5.8 (before it was 5.6). That's mainly done to make maintaining the code easier. From what I've seen, all distros that package Strawberry now ship Qt 5.8 or newer. It is still possible to port the code back to 5.6 but I won't do it unless it is a major issue for distros.

    A few classes was removed in Qt 6, most notably QRegExp and QTextCodec. I've completely replaced the use of QRegExp but it still relies on the qt5compat module for QTextCodec in a few places. I plan to keep that for now.

    As far as I have tested everything has been working fine. I will most likely be making a new release with the Qt 6 support before the initial launch of Qt 6 in November.

    Best regards

    Jonas Kvinge