• If the majority of software music players available for PCs today could be viewed as a mountain range, I would call them the Rocky Mountains, and some are just foothills. But Strawberry is the Himalayas.
    My personal experience (just anecdotal):

    1. Windows/foobar/external USB DAC (sounded really good with 96/24 material)
    2. Linux (ALSA)/Clementine (tweaked)/external USB DAC (sounded terrible, DAC indicated 44.1 samplerate always)
    3. Linux (ALSA)/Audacious/external USB DAC (sounded considerably better than foobar, I lived with this for some time)
    4. Linux (ALSA)/Strawberry/external USB DAC (blew away Audacious, nirvana)

    Kudos. I would like to help.

  • Thanks for the positive feedback. As for helping, what are your skills? We can use help with both development, documentation and possible a new web site. GitHub sponsorship or donations are very much appreciated.