Version 0.7.1 is released

  • This release includes preliminary support for Qt 6.


    • Fixed incorrectly mapped global shortcuts keys "2" and "3".
    • Fixed scrobbling to correctly start array notation for parameters at 0 and not 1.
    • Fixed sending trackNumber correctly for and scrobbling.
    • Fixed collection search when using special characters in the search query.
    • Fixed reading and saving MP4 lyrics tag.
    • Fixed reading ASF comment tag.
    • Fixed adding playlist songs outside the collection when there are multiple files with the same URL.
    • Fixed the rescan songs option to work with local songs outside of the collection.
    • Fixed problems with editing song metadata in the playlists.
    • Fixed saving and restoring playlist scrollbar position when switching between playlists.
    • (macOS) Fixed gst-libav plugin issue resulting in MP3 not working.


    • Simplified and improved startup behaviour code.
    • Adapted all source code to be compatible with Qt 6, and increased required Qt version to 5.8.
    • Added option to compile with Qt 6 (-DWITH_QT6=ON).
    • Base warning for show in file browser on unique directories to avoid unneeded warning about opening many files.
    • Use album artist instead of artist for album repeat mode when available.
    • Added extra safety for overwriting files for filesystem storages when organizing files.
    • Remove diacritics in FTS search.
    • Improved playlist context menu.
    • Added fatal CMake error for missing protobuf compiler.
    • Added support for parsing radio streams metadata with tilde in title.
    • Added CMake option to install translation files.
    • (Unix) Added playback actions to desktop file.
    • (macOS) Hide behavior settings that are unavailable on macOS.
    • (macOS) Fixed compile warnings.
    • (macOS) Added Sparkle integration to notify on new versions.
    • (Windows) Added QtSparkle support to notify on new versions.

    Removed features:

    • Removed Xine engine support.
    • Removed broken imobiledevice (iPhone) support.

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