Improvements for the "Context" tab

  • I'd first like to thank you for the work you're doing in keeping this amazing player active.

    I really like the "Context" tab that shows information about the music currently being played, and would like to suggest some ideas.

    1. Information about the album and the artist/band
      The wikipedia has an incredible database, even about songs, and since the tab suggests information about what is currently being played, displaying this information will be very useful. Maybe there are other sources to do the same thing, I suggested wikipedia because that's what I usually use.

    2. Increase the font size of the text
      It is already possible to do this through the settings menu, but I use some programs in Qt that allow increasing the letter through the CTRL + Scroll command of the mouse.

    3. Option to maximize the context tab
      Currently, besides the file's metadata, the lyrics are displayed in this tab, I also suggested other options above, with all this (and even what already exists) it would be useful to have an option to maximize this screen to improve the reading of the lyrics and the possible other things that are added here.

  • I started work on a artist bio based on the one in Clementine with some parts rewritten. It's here:
    The problem is that wikipedia search isn't accurate enough. Clementine used it's own API for that, but even that has some issues.
    If you know of other API's with artist bio let me know.

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