Can you do more to support classical music?

  • Well done Strawberry team - a Linux player that, because it has a 'file' tab, can be used with classical music! I don't use playlists - I'd like to play a multi-file work such as a symphony or concerto simply by selecting the first file in the file-list and pressing 'Play'. This is how JRiver works, and when you listen to classical stuff, it's very intuitive.

    In a wider sense, I'm interested in hearing other users' experience on managing large collections where classical is a significant component. (My library has 40,000 files split across 12 genres; 12,000 of the files are classical.)

    With classical, the 'Collection' tab is too cluttered (with random performer names) to work. Instead, one uses the file menu, which in turn has forced me to manage my collection with separate folders for each genre. In 'Jazz' or 'Rock' and other artist-based genres, each artist has a folder, within which there are sub-folders for each album. For 'Classical', I organise first by composer, then by album or major work. Do other users put this amount of effort in? I tried Roon 5 years ago, but gave up because I couldn't find anything, and I'm becoming frustrated by JRiver's regular version updates which are just an excuse to drip-feed money to their development team.