Testers needed before new release

  • Volunteers for testing are needed before a new release.

    To help test, use the latest development build from https://builds.strawberrymusicplayer.org/

    (It is expected that the collection groupings will be reset to the default after upgrade, it will be set to "Album Artist" / "Album - Disc"

    Important things to test.:

    1. Test with a strawberry.conf and strawberry.db from version 0.7.2, make sure collection and playlists are loaded and working after upgrade. Make sure playlist columns can be added/removed and that the ratings column work. (preferable back up your old versions before you start the new version).

    2. Test with different collection groupings, make sure songs appear correctly, none are missing. Test renaming songs and directories, make sure they reappear correctly in the collection. Edit tags of random songs, make sure they appear correctly in the collection. Set another grouping, or search, then reset the search, check and see if all songs appear the same way as after editing tag / renaming. Right click on an album and select "Show in various artists", and "Don't show in various artists", make sure songs are moved to/from the "Various Artists" node.

    3. Test all default smart playlists, test adding new custom smart playlists, check that everthing appear correct.

    See full log of changes done to possible check other things:

  • Hello @jonas !

    I've started testing 0.7.2-197-g61ffb7d9 coming from 0.7.2, and so far so good. 🙂

    More precisely :

    • Collection seems fine, so and does adding the Rating column. I think I had to add, remove, then add it again one time for it to work fine, but I may be mistaken.

    • I don't have any personal playlists so I cannot tell.

    • I have two "Jamais écouté" (= "Never listened") default playlists, but one has "Listening count >= 0" as criteria.

    • Where does "Most listened" playlist takes its data ? I'm pretty sure I reset my collection in the past (when trying to troubleshoot duplicates issue) but it still show tracks I like and often listen to, but not necessarily the most listened to.

    • Other default playlists look fine.

    • My only "Not rated" smart playlist works fine too.

    Overall : awesome work, Jonas ! 😄 😄 😄