• New in version 0.6.9:


    • Fixed playlist metadata updating interfering with manual tag editing.
    • Fixed order of tabs in all windows.
    • Fixed playlist right click using wrong songs for determining menu options when playlist was filtered.
    • Fixed possible crashes on playlist right click.
    • Fixed possible null pointer crash in OSD pretty.
    • Fixed track and title in playlist not being movable.
    • Fixed Subsonic support to handle numeric Json values like track and disc both as strings and integers.
    • Fixed Subsonic compatibility with LMS (Lightweight Music Server).
    • Disabled "open Audio CD" from menu on Windows where CD support is currently not supported.
    • Fixed files containing "MAC" being detected as Monkey's Audio.


    • Improved support for High DPI displays.
    • Added CMake check for backtrace() to fix compilation with musl libc.
    • Made album cover in context adjust to width.
    • Made settings, cover manager, organise dialog and transcode music dialog center on the same display where the mainwindow is located.
    • Removing empty directories when organizing music.
    • Made file selection work in "Show file in browser" for Dolphin and Nautilus.
    • Implemented disk caching of album thumbnails in collection tree.
    • Use a shorter playlist name when songs are added from file view.
    • Disabled optical drives in copy to device menu.
    • Added better error handling for CDDA loading.
    • Added Polish, Hungarian and Korean translations.

    Removed features:

    • Chartlyrics support (Unstable API).
    • Tidal support (No agreement).
    • QObuz support (No agreement).