Version 0.8.2 is released

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixed broken transition to next song for CUE files with certain audio formats (regression since version 0.6.13).
    • Fixed all collection divider keys showing on top with some language collate settings (regression in version 0.8.1).
    • Fixed SQL querying songs by song ID when song ID is a string.
    • Fixed saving album covers for LMS Subsonic servers.
    • Fixed reading song creation dates with LMS Subsonic servers.
    • Fixed saving initial settings.
    • Removed use of HTML in system tray icon tooltip for all desktop environments instead of just KDE and Cinnamon.
    • (Windows) Ignore "IDirectSoundBuffer_GetStatus The operation completed successfully" false error when switching device while playing.

  • Thnx for the work you are doing. Strawberry is already the best music player available, IMO, at the moment. It really is an absolute essential, seeing that clementine development appears to have stopped. Here's to version 1.0.0! Thnx again.

  • Thanks. The version number doesn't mean much, but I actually thought that we should have called 0.8.1 version 1.0 instead since it is pretty complete. 🙂

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