@kangaroo5496 I second this!

I'm trying to find a replacement for Amarok where, for what it's worth, I have a dynamic playlist that roughly does:

Match all sequentially: The next track from the album else: Match any: tracknumber = 1 and playcount < 9 and (playcount = 0 or lastplay > 4m)

So, it adds the next track in the album and, when the last one it reached, it finds a new "track 1" that has been played less than 9 times, and the last time more than 4 months ago. This avoids too much repetition (which could happen with random selection), and gives some priority to less played albums (e.g. when I add a new one to the collection). Once the list is empty (because there's no album that satisfies the conditions), I just increase the "9" to "10" and listen to my whole library again!

From a quick look at Strawberry, it seems a few things are missing to arrive to that flexibility, but I don't lose hope.