I deleted a similar post because I felt it was a stub and could not be edited after a long time.

Spotify will launch with CD-quality HiFi later this year, as it is shown here on their website. Strawberry seems more sound based, however if spotify apk does HiFi it could give more reason to add support for Strawberry.

How did Clementine do that, and why couldn't that support be transferred to Strawberry? Seems like a post alluding to the idea that Spotify had to allow/engage in helping to enable support? If so, perhaps the launch of hiFi could give them a reason to help add support for Strawberry?

Spotify is the best supported music streamer in terms of external apps and phone apps, which makes for a very enjoyable audiophile version. They seem to give developers more access to the api than Qobuz. I'm really confused by any difficulty adding it to Strawberry.
I find Spotify to be a very popular streame today and is used a lot in countries around the world.