This would work on Linux, on Windows, you might need to find an alternative to wget.
Open the console, navigate to your music directory and launch a python http server with: python -m http.server 8123 (You need to have python installed, obviously)
Warning: this is not secure, any one on your local network can access this server, so be sure to close it afterwards.
When that is running, in a new Terminal window download the hosted page, but only the html files with: wget -r --accept "*.html" "http://localhost:8123/"
This gives you your music folder structure as html files. You could copy the folder to your phone, laptop, or whatever and browse your collection, by opening the index.html in a webbrowser. Alternatively, you could host it on a webserver, if you have one.

This is just what I spontaneously came up with, if I needed a solution in a pinch. But I am sure there are better ways.