Disc Number metadata

  • I've noticed that where albums whose music files that have the 'Disc Number' metadata field set to a numeric value then Strawberry appends '- (Disc nn)' to the album name in the collection view.

    Could a switch be added that turns this off?

    The majority of (my) music is part of single albums, and where there are multiple discs that tends to be included in the album name / folder name - and the collection view looks a bit odd.

  • You can change the "group by" to Album Artist / Album.
    The way I do is that I set the disc to 0 for albums that have single discs, that way it does not append the disc, that's actually what the ripping program did when I ripped the songs from CD years ago.

  • Perfect thanks - group by Artist/Album removes the 'Disc nn' from the collection view and it looks like I can leave the metadata as is.

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