Grouping tag is used when not requested

  • Hello,

    I discovered that when using a Group By setting of: Album artist/year - album
    some albums do not appear as a single "elements".

    After digging a bit, I discovered that the album is actually splitted up in as many categories as grouping tag you have set.
    I would take this for a bug, as if I want to use grouping tag I should explicitely request for it.

    The screenshot may explain better:
    We can see 4 "elements" for a single album

    An we can see 4 different grouping tags

  • I think that the grouping tag is mostly used to separate different releases of the same album, and that's the reason it's done. It's always been like this. We adapted this behavior from Clementine. But it's only done when year is included in the group by.

  • Thanks for you quick reply.

    Don't you think "Music Brainz Release Id" would be more appropriate for grouping release ?
    Grouping can really by used for various purposes.
    I was thinking that may be an option to use grouping or not could be nice.

    I tried the "album artist/album - disc" view which effectively does not use the grouping, but it always displays the disc number.
    I think if "total discs = 1" we could get rid of displaying the disc number.

    I haven't coded c++ for a while but if some of the options above look interesting for you, let me know and I can try to PR something.

    Thanks for you player anyway


  • We already have a column called album_id, which is primarily used to separate albums in the models. Currently this is not in use for local files, only Tidal and Qobuz. So basically all you need to do is to update the tagreader code to read the musicbrainz id's:

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