Are my playlists gone?

  • Hi there,
    First of all: many thanks to Jonas and others for developing this very nice software, and for keeping improving it! (I'm particularly grateful for the new Smart Playlists and Ratings functions)

    Recently, a notification started appearing for me when I launched Strawberry, advising me to stop using the snap version and to install the native (Ubuntu) version. So I installed the native version via apt-get, and then removed the snap via the Software Installer... maybe a bit hastily, because it now seems that my playlists have disappeared. I should have checked earlier.

    Is there any way to recover the playlists I created via the snap Strawberry? And while we're at it, the database with ratings, number of plays, etc?

    Please let me know.

  • Snap uses different directories for configuration. The playlist is stored in strawberry.db.

    sudo find / -name 'strawberry.db'

    That should give you an idea of where it is, basically you need to copy that to ~/.local/share/strawberry/strawberry/strawberry.db
    Make sure you do what while strawberry is not running.
    You might also want to look for the old strawberry.conf and copy that to ~/.config/strawberry/strawberry.conf

  • Thanks Jonas.
    Unfortunately I can only find one strawberry.db, which is already located at the spot you mention... So I guess my previous Strawberry database was wiped out when I clicked the 'remove' button in the Software Installer 😖
    That'll teach me to be a bit more cautious before uninstalling software!

  • Looking in a VM here I used to test the snap, I found the files in the following locations.


    I can confirm that

    snap remove strawberry

    wiped the files. That's horrible.

    I'll add that to the warning dialog in Strawberry.

    I plan to discontinue the snap, but there currently is a process packaging strawberry in debian, I'll wait until that is complete.
    The snap has caused so many complaints and bad reviews because of restrictions and slowness.

  • @jonas Yes, adding a note about this in the warning dialog would be useful, thanks.
    For me, it's no catastrophe, I'll just reconstitute my playlists little by little.

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