Playlist filename spaces get removed on default save path

  • System information

    Operating System: Lint Mint 20
    Strawberry version: 0.8.3 installed via repository

    Expected behaviour / actual behaviour

    I open an existing playlist called "My Playlist.xspf"

    When I go to save it again, the name defaults to "My Playlist.xspf" (with space)

    When I go to save it again, the name defaults to "MyPlaylist.xspf" (no space)

    I also had this problem in Clementine version 1.4 on Linux Mint 20. I have recently migrated to Strawberry (which is great, by the way!), and I thought maybe it would be fixed, but it is not. Maybe it's a more general QT issue? I don't recall having it in Clementine 1.4 on Linux Mint 19.2.

    It's a (minor) annoyance since it means that when I modify a saved playlist and want to save my modifications I have to scroll through the file list to pick it by hand. An alternative is to rename all of my playlists to remove spaces, but I'd prefer not to do that.

    Edit: If this is indeed a bug I am happy to post an issue on the GitHub repo, just thought I would check here first in case it is known or not reproducible. I didn't see anything on the repo to suggest it was known.

  • We were removing all characters including spaces except for letter and numbers from the filename using a \W regex, it's fixed now:

  • There is an unstable PPA for Ubuntu here:
    It gets updated with the latest code from git.
    If Linux Mint is compatible with one of the Ubuntu versions there it might work for you, I'm not familiar with Linux Mint.

  • Thanks for fixing this!
    The Ubuntu PPA works perfectly with Linux Mint.

  • There is one thing that seems to have regressed as a result of this fix.

    The default "Open Playlist" directory is not the same as the default "Save Playlist" directory.

    For example, suppose I open a playlist in ~/music/playlists/.
    Then I go to save it again.
    The default directory is now ~.
    Before this fix, it was ~/music/playlists/, which I think should be the expected behavior.

  • @jonas is it better for me to post this as an issue on Github? Happy to do that if it is easier.

    I also had this issue in a prior version of Clementine (before the space-removal bug was introduced), so perhaps that is some clue as to what is going on.

  • The remembered path for loading and saving playlists is different, and have always been that way.
    Look in strawberry.conf in the [Playlist] section, there is a "last_load_playlist" and a "last_save_playlist", that's what is used.

  • Thanks, going into strawberry.conf and manually changing last_save_playlist did the trick.

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