Strawberry as not only music player, but also music manager

  • I have a very general proposal for changes to the program interface. I do notice a problem. There are many music players for GNU/Linux, but no program is a player and an advanced music collection manager at the same time.

    What changes do I propose? I propose Strawberry becoming the first-ever GNU/Linux music manager of this kind. For this to be possible, Strawberry needs to have at least two basic views that you can switch between using two buttons on the toolbar at any time. Here are these two views:

    1. View of your music collection.
    2. Now already existing playlist view with sidebar showing among others collection as list, as well as context, files, playlists and so on.

    I will not deal with the second view in this post because I think it is very well done and I have nothing to complain about.

    But the first view does not exist. I will describe this view. I will describe what it should look like.
    First of all, you should be able to select the view type in the form of "genres", "albums", "album artists", "year" and so on. The selection could be made on the vertical bar on the left side. Each important metadata tag should correspond to the type of view to select. Suppose I chose "genres". When I double-click a thumbnail of a selected genre (consisting of several representative album covers belonging to that genre) I should move to that genre and be able to select the view type again. Suppose I chose "year". At the top there should be an access path bar (breadcrumbs) that would show my next choices and allow navigation. So the access bar would already show <specific genre> -> "year", and in the main area of ​​the window there would be again thumbnails of years composed of representative albums belonging to a given year and a genre that I previously selected. When I double click on a specific year, the access bar should show <specific genre> -> <specific year>. Again, I have a choice of view types from other remaining tags, including "albums" for example. Suppose I chose "albums". The access bar should show <specific genre> -> <specific year> -> "albums". The album covers should be shown in the main area of ​​the window. When I double-click a specific album, the songs should appear.
    Below each thumbnail, for example, under the thumbnails of the years, there should be a summary: how many albums are inside, how many songs are inside, and how long are they in total. At the bottom of the window there should be a status bar that shows the number of albums and tracks in a given view (for example in the "genres" view) and how long they are in total.

    A very important function of the view 1) would be a filter bar that would allow you to query specific tags according to their values ​​or ranges and combine these queries with logical operators. For example "album contains '[single]' AND year is greater than 1991".

    In addition, there should be buttons like in the file manager that would allow you to display it all as tiles (thumbnails), a list and so on.

    Why these changes? That a sick music collector like me would be able to browse and query his collection and listen to music at the same time using one program.

    I apologize to the author of the program if I have too demanding dreams about the Strawberry program.

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