Strawberry taking long time while starting

  • Hello there,
    Thanks again for this great application on linux. I am using for months now !
    I updated my ubuntu 20.04 and installed the latest version of Strawberry 0.8.3 and created a playlist with all my collection in it as Strawberry does not have like a Collection view with all files listed.
    The problem is that at each start, Strawberry is doing somehow a check of the whole playlist eventhough i unchecked the options in parameters like : ''Update collection/library at each start of strawberry'' and ''Monitor the modification of the collection/library''.
    I have to wait like 10/15min at start and this is really annoying.
    Is there a way to trust the database at start and do an integrity check (low processing usage) on the background times to times?

    Here are my logs when it hangs :

    09:31:55.631 DEBUG PlaylistBackend:336 Saving playlist 3
    09:33:44.242 DEBUG Database:489 Starting database integrity check
    09:33:44.983 DEBUG Database:550 Starting database backup
    09:33:44.983 ERROR Database:591 Database backup failed
    09:41:53.386 ERROR Database:476 db error: QSqlError("5", "Impossible de récupérer la ligne", "database is locked")
    09:41:53.386 ERROR Database:477 faulty query: "SELECT ROWID, name, last_played, special_type, ui_path, is_favorite, dynamic_playlist_type, dynamic_playlist_data, dynamic_playlist_backend FROM playlists WHERE ROWID=:id"
    09:41:53.386 ERROR Database:478 bound values: QMap((":id", QVariant(int, 2)))
    09:42:08.480 DEBUG _MessageReplyBase:30 Waiting on ID 1
    09:42:08.480 DEBUG TagReader:173 Reading tags from "/media/julien/Data/julien/....ogg"
    TagLib: Could not open file /media/julien/Data/....ogg
    09:42:08.481 INFO TagReader:187 TagLib hasn't been able to read "/media/julien/Data/julien/...ogg" file
    09:42:08.481 DEBUG MessageReply<MessageType>:90 Releasing ID 1 (finished)
    09:42:08.482 DEBUG _MessageReplyBase:32 Acquired ID 1
    09:42:08.482 DEBUG _MessageReplyBase:30 Waiting on ID 2
    09:42:08.482 DEBUG TagReader:173 Reading tags from "/media/julien/Data/julien/...ogg
    09:42:08.483 INFO TagReader:187 TagLib hasn't been able to read "/media/julien/...ogg" file
    09:42:08.483 DEBUG MessageReply<MessageType>:90 Releasing ID 2 (finished)
    09:42:08.483 DEBUG _MessageReplyBase:32 Acquired ID 2
    09:42:08.484 DEBUG PlaylistBackend:336 Saving playlist 2


  • Try turning off the "Grey out unavailable songs in playlists on startup" option in the playlist settings.

  • Thanks for the tip,
    I turned off all options i saw in link with database check at startup in collection options (Automatic collection updates...) and the options you talked me about.

    I still have 11min30s on my machine to display my playlist containing my full collection.

    19:55:13.111 DEBUG MainWindow:820 Creating playing widget
    19:55:13.448 DEBUG MainWindow:872 Loading settings
    19:55:13.696 DEBUG MainWindow:1002 Started QThread(0x55c9f89c3510)
    19:56:08.239 DEBUG Database:489 Starting database integrity check
    19:56:08.719 DEBUG Database:550 Starting database backup
    20:06:42.181 DEBUG _MessageReplyBase:30 Waiting on ID 0

    Is there any way to avoid database integrity check and backup at startup?

    Thanks for your reply,

  • No but the integrity check and backup should not take long. If it takes long I would suspect something is wrong with the database, or the disk where the database is stored. I've seen cases where the integrity check integrated in Strawberry does not pick up a faulty db.
    Try run a manual integrity check, see:

  • The manual integrity check lasts less than 1s and gives me a "OK".
    All my music files are stored in exFat partition. I have like 400Gb music files mainly ogg.
    Everything is fine on Mixxx application.