Not recognising media keys

  • Hi all,

    Is there some special option needed to recognise media keys either in the UI or when trying to customise the shortcuts. Pause/Play and back/forward buttons work fine in Clementine but Strawberry doesn't seem to recognise them even when the option is enabled.

    I'm running Strawberry Player v0.8.3 on Gentoo Linux AMD64 (installed from ports yesterday) and the FVWM window manager launched from startx.

    That said, great program… I've just migrated over from Clementine due to having intermittent audio "pauses" from Clementine. So far, Strawberry player has been reliable on that front: just the lack of media key action is a little annoying.

  • I have not tested with FVWM, but if it's not using wayland it should be possible, you need to enable the "Use X11 shortcuts" option in the shortcut settings and it should work.

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