No internet (or dns) connection

  • Hello, I'm trying to use Strawberry on a very old Kubuntu installation (Trusty). I use the Appimage (Strawberry-0.8.4-3-g335ba1a5-Qt5-x86_64). Everything seems to work, except for all things using the internet: album covers, lyrics, scrobbling, all fails with messages such as "Host not found (3)".

    I do not have a firewall running, nor some weird proxy settings, it's a desktop with an Ethernet connection.

    Is this issue related to my outdated OS, or is there anything I can try out to fix it?

    I know I know I should update, but it's such a pain and I never have the time..

    Thanks a lot anyway, Strawberry looks very promising!

  • I'm not sure why, but I guess it could be because of some incompatibility with newer libraries used by the AppImage and the DNS in the system. If you start the AppImage from the terminal it could give you an idea of what's failing:

    chmod u+x Strawberry-0.8.4-Qt5-x86_64.AppImage

    I have not tested on that old distro. The oldest distro I've tested on is Ubuntu 18.04, but both covers, lyrics and streaming works there.

  • Thanks @jonas, all I see is that it uses QUrl and fails.. here's am example where I replace some strings with ???

    15:40:34.649 DEBUG DiscogsCoverProvider:185         Discogs: Sending request QUrl("")
    15:40:34.650 ERROR DiscogsCoverProvider:477         Discogs: "Host not found (3)"

    I guess I'll have to update eventually..

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