• I finally managed to get the API token but I can't search. Or I can search, but the results are all "Invalid duration for song." Also, Strawberry has crashed several times when trying to search.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem? I have Slackware-current with ktown and downloaded and installed the API functions from here:


  • You don't mention what version you use of Strawberry, you can see it in Help / About. Make sure you have the latest version (0.8.4). Ask slackware to upgrade, if it's not the latest version.
    There was a bug in Strawberry where it failed to parse the track duration for tidal songs, and it would return "Invalid duration for song.", but that should be fixed a long time ago. If you still see the error I need to know what Qt version they use.

  • I see that the track duration bug was fixed in version 0.7.1, so if you have an older version than that, you're affected by the bug.