Complete scan finds only 21,314 of 52,073 files

  • Why might Strawberry only index 21k files as opposed to the 52k files I am asking it to see?

    I also have Audirvana, which I was using before I decided to make the switch to Strawberry.
    Audirvana sees 50,180 songs so it's clear Strawberry is missing at least a folder or 2 worth of files.

    I have my settings arranged so Strawberry sees the same exact folders as Audirvana, yet Strawberry sees less than half the files Audirvana can see.

    I've restarted Strawberry a number of times. I've deleted all the folders I ask Strawberry to scan and then I have re-added them all (after a reboot of Strawberry, and of my computer a couple of times).

    What can I do to make Strawberry see all the files in the Music directories I am pointing it to?

    My Specs
    Mac OS - Catalina
    MacBook Pro 16inch 2019

  • @yahyah24
    Could be unsupported audio filetypes.
    It will also skip any directory that is hidden (.dot), or has files named ".nomedia" or ".nomusic".