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  • How do you get the Token API in Linux?

  • There are some listed here, but last time I tried only 2 of them worked and I was not able to play FLAC at all.

  • This is how I've finally managed to get my own token and log in successfully with it without using sniffing apps :

    1 - You'll need to install the android app, if you don't have an android phone , maybe you can use an emulator or one of the options for running android apps in a computer.

    2 - After you login in the android app, you'll have to navigate to the folder where the app stores the files with the token which are in: /Android/data/com.aspiro.tidal/cache/okhttp
    Copy all of the files to your computer.

    3 - In a Linux terminal, cd to the folder where those files are in your computer and execute this command: grep -r "X-Tidal-Token"
    Your token will be revealed

    4 - Go to the Tidal settings in Strawberry, check the option 'Use OAuth' and copy the token in the ClientID. Click login and you will be redirected to the browser where you can accept the access to your account and that's it!

  • @ruben2rl Thanks for the instructions, works like charm.

  • Yep, that android thing did the trick. Enjoying TIDAL through Strawberry right now, like a pig in s... . Beautiful! I love Strawberry... So cool that the developers thought of this. Thanks Ruben2rl for laying out these steps

  • It doesn't work for me, I get Authentication failure: (401) (3009).

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