• I’ve been using music library apps since 2006. I recently switched from Windows to Mint. I made multiple attempts to get MusicBee working under Wine; to no avail. After a little research I then decided to give Strawberry a try.

    There are couple of features I miss straight away:

    1. Being able to shuffle my entire library (collection). If there is a way to do that I haven’t figured it out yet
    2. Being able to create Smart playlists
    3. Searching against all file attributes and not just album and track names
    4. Ranking individual tracks (wish I could import all the ranking I have already done)
    5. Being able to import my playlists from MusicBee (years of work I’ll have to recreate)
    6. Being able to attach multiple images to a song. In addition to the album cover I like to include the media label, artist picture, band logo, etc.

    I picked Strawberry mainly based on reviews that indicated that Strawberry was concerned about sound quality. I have to say without any tweaking, my system sounds pretty good 🙂

    Thanks for all the good work you have already done on Strawberry….

    1. System flags an album as complete (album has ten total tracks and tracks 1 - 10 are in the collection)

    1. My usual way to listen to music is shuffle the least recently played. Would be handy to at least sort by date last played.
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