Library management for crippled players

  • Hi,
    My car audio system tends to reboot when there are lot of folders with songs in a usb drive.
    In the end, using mediamonkey I was able to find a schema that works most of the times:

    /artist first letter/artist first TWO letters/artist/song # - song name.mp3

    Seems that strawberry has something similar with the 'move to collection' by using something like:


    But I do miss two things here, so wanted to check if there's a way to do it:

    • get the first two initials of name, let's say the artist is 'tina', it should return 'ti' so that it could ressemble the approach that proved to work with car audio
    • how to store that schema as default for each strawberry execution as my preferred one

    Thanks in advance!

  • It's not possible with Strawberry. But should be pretty easy to script using bash, just an find command with mv and some regex.
    If you don't know find and regex, you can try a program called KRename: