MacBook Pro Touchbar - Media Control Button Compatibility

  • Hi,

    This is my first time posting on this forum so apologies if this isn't the correct location (I'm unsure if this would be under technical help or bug reporting, I'm also aware the MacOS development of Strawberry isn't particularly active!)

    Strawberry so far has been the best player I've come across for FLAC compatibility and having an the most Foobar-like experience which I use while on Windows machines, even Foobar on MacOS doesn't match! 😁

    Anyway, two niggles that I have are that the Play / Pause button on my MacBook Pro touchbar doesn't reflect what Strawberry is doing. It works in that I can touch it to play or pause music, but it's always showing as just a "Play / Pause" button instead of being contextual.

    The other issue is that whenever I do press the button to play or pause something in Strawberry, the native Mac OS music app opens. I've noticed that this behaviour doesn't occur when experimenting with other media players (e.g. VLC or Spotify), as if the OS is aware that those applications are for media and should take priority (if that makes sense!)

    I'm happy to provide any information if I can be guided on what would be useful to know!

  • Hi.
    macOS needs to some special tricks to receive media keys without iTunes receiving them (or maybe another application), we used SPMediaKeyTap for this but it was removed by a contributor. Unfortunately I don't have a mac so I can't look into or fix it.
    A developer with macOS needs to fix this, I don't know of anyone.

  • @jonas Thank you for the info! 😊

    I managed to put a workaround in the timebeing on my MacBook with the help of this page:

    "A developer with macOS needs to fix this, I don't know of anyone."

    Times like this I wish I had the first idea on where to even start in contributing! 🤔