• I just noticed that the arrows (pointers) which indicate ascending or descending order for selected column have disappeared. Or were they never there? I still use Clementine for podcasts and I noticed they are present there.

    Version: 0.6.13-150-g00ad92fb-bionic

  • Ahh, I'll bet this is related to Issue #511 on GitHub, "Songs added to playlist are not sorted as they should".

    I guess you can't please everyone, but I actually found the lack of sorting new playlist items useful, as I built playlists. Often I would add items and then decide I didn't want them in the playlist. By having them all at the end of the playlist, in the order that I added them, I could easily keep track of things.

    I hope you will reconsider and put the sort arrows back.

    Removing them did nothing to change the behavior, and I think showing them actually provides something useful. My opinion.