.opus vs .ogg file extension

  • New user here, trying to get started. Thanks for any assistance. I use ogg vorbis encoding for files to put on my android phone, which is able to see metadata seamlessly when the files have the ".ogg" extension. By default, Strawberry uses ".opus" and does not see the metadata unless the extension is changed. (Same file though.) Nor does it pick up the files in a folder scan with ".ogg." I did not see anywhere in the prefs to add a filename extension for the collection import feature - any ideas?
    OS is: OS X Mojave 10.14.6


  • This post is deleted!

  • Strawberry should recognize the files independent of file extension. But are you sure the files are encoded as Ogg Vorbis and not Opus? Vorbis and Opus is not the same format.

  • I tested here now, If I rename a Ogg Opus file to .ogg exension it does not work because it tries to recognize it as Vorbis while it is a opus file. They need to be .opus.

  • @jonas Thank you - yes, the files are OPUS encoded. For some reason my phone wants to see .ogg extension, my Mac will have different metadata recognition depending on which app I use to open the files and which filename extension I have. I made two batch scripts to rename the files back and forth but obviously that's not the handiest solution. I have what sound to me like good results using the opus encoder and so I'm trying to just stick with that for any lossy encodings I do. Sorry about the terminology mistake - opus is the encoding method.

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