• Hi Help Team,
    sorry, I couldnt find a 'search' button on the Technical Help üage, so I don't know whether my issue has already been answered, but it probably has.
    I would like to know, if the player can connect to a music collection sitting on a NAS drive. Doesn't seem to work on my installation. If there is no way right now, are there plans to add this feature in the future?

  • Hi,
    Sorry for obviously having made my comment too quickly! Just found out that connecting to the music collection on my NAS drive works fine. It only takes quite a bit of time to import it because of the huge number of files. Also, it does not display the folders and files in the GUI but for the moment, I am fine with it as is. It's a great player!

  • Turns out that the search plugin for the forum wasn't activated, I've activated now but need to restart the forum before it will show up.