Yeah sorry I don't know anything on how those identification/fingreprinting works for music songs .... So total noob in this area. So is it like a checksum of a file then ?

And all those services have proprietary database then ? or proprietary algorithm to recognize the song?
And I guess shazam doesn't have any API for using their service for that?
So I guess by now you understood what I meant, it's the fact to be able to recognize the song and being able to add the metadata ....
I have some music, which are not that unknown or that for a niche public... and which are then not recognize by tfingerprinting analyzer, can I improve it in some way to make them more recognizable?
That's my ultimate question.

And about ifuse, it came knowledge to me with the pegasus program breach and the amnesty program to alleviate any malware or intrusion on iOS device

as you can see there is a specific library there. That's where come ifuse from.
It simply mount the iOS filesystem and of course you have more or less access to things depending if the devices are rooted.
But as I said there are simply two folder to extract the files from. There are also the covers and the plist files. . So it could be useful maybe to merge them together? just an idea like that of course.