OK, I'm answering to your comment after trying Quod Libet.
Quod Libet doesn't fit into my needs. These are the reasons.

It uses GTK and looks ugly in KDE. It doesn't support AlbumArtist tag and uses Artist tag in all places. I don't use Artist tag to maintain my collection (I use it only as information about featured artists, for example when guest rappers are on somebody's album). It doesn't recognize directory symlinks in chosen directory of music collection. I have separate directory for ripped CDs. Subdirectories of this directory are symlinked in my ~/Music/ directory. Quod Libet doesn't see these symlinks. It doesn't use breadcrumbs navigation and whole-window views (tiles or list) of nested resources defined by tags (like in navigational file manager), which was my expectation and was described in my first post.