Sounds like you are looking for something like Apple iTunes album view, where you click the album cover and it displays the songs. MusicBee on Windows can also be configured that way.

While perhaps not as elegant, in Strawberry you can select in Tools > Settings > Behavior > "Double clicking a song will..." > "Replace the playlist" (or "Append" or whatever you choose).

I have a saved playlist called "Play from Collection" that I leave blank for just such a purpose.

That way, if I want to focus on one album, I select that playlist, double click the album name in the Collection, and all the songs from that album display in the playlist. You can set Strawberry to simply add the songs or begin playing them immediately. When you're done listening, just delete the songs from the playlist.

The search function works well for Collection or for a selected playlist, and you can select your preferred grouping from the little gear icon in the toolbar.

You could also make a saved playlist just for your "Recently Added" Albums.

It took me awhile to get used to a playlist oriented player, but now I almost prefer it. Although I do miss scrolling through a grid of beautiful album covers, as in iTunes or MusicBee!

The settings is your friend. I have discovered enough configurability there to make it work for me. I use Strawberry on Linux, by the way.