@Gemini62167 Thank you for bothering in writing such a long post about this Apple theme. I'm sad too about the fact things changed for worst since the decease of Steve Jobs; I always knew Tim Cook was making a deplorable job as the new CEO (Remember that iPhone X presentation for the 10th anniversay of the original iPhone which was more a spit to the face of the user than a real tribute to the original phone?) but I didn't knew things were this messed. Looks like you know Apple more than me so I don't have too much to add as a feedback, so I'll thank you again for writing all this for me, and for the rest of the people who's reading in this thread.

And thanks to Jonas for doing such an excellent Music Player, even for Mac users; I think Mac users needs a hero since the most recent OS systems doesn't have iTunes anymore and the number of music players is low.