internal hdd not seen by strawberry

  • I am using strawberry on linuxmint xfce. I have mint installed on 32 gb ssd and all my music collection is on the root of 1tb internal hdd.
    Rhythm box can "see" the hdd but strawberry cannot. I can see all the directories on ssd but interal HDD is not even visible.
    I tried installing Clementine and result was the same, there is no internal HDD to be seen.

    I am a novice, can someone please guide me to a solution. I did a search on technical help section before posting.
    Many thanks in advance

  • How did you mount the HDD? Is it an /etc/fstab entry for it? Is it mounted under /mnt ?
    Try starting strawberry from the terminal and see if there are any errors shown during startup.

  • You may have to navigate from the root of the filesystem to the folder your hard drive is mounted in when you try to add the folders to the library. Usually it's mounted under /mnt/<uuid>, but it could be different as I have never used multi-drive setup. You may also have to mount the hard drive

    Some resources you might want to read:

    Auto mount second hdd in Linux Mint
    Check the path of mounted drive

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