• I am running Strawberry on OpenSUSE 15.1, originally with version 0.6.12 from YaST repository, now upgraded to 0.6.13 downloaded from your website.
    The problem I've noticed is minor, but I wanted to check on it. In the Playlist columns there is an option to show Original Year field. I noticed that some of my FLAC files weren't tagged to my liking so I edited them using puddletag. They were originally tagged using Picard. A lot of my music is relatively obscure/older so modifying them is nothing new. The problem is, after modifying the "Original Year" field in puddletag it shows as unchanged in Strawberry and appears to be showing the same as what is in the "Year" column field. I modified a "Genre" entry in puddletag and Strawberry picked this up without issue. Is the Original Year field in Strawberry not working properly?

    I'm a longtime user of Clementine but have moved to VLC over time. I really like what you are doing with Strawberry and look forward to it's ongoing development. I've only been using it for a couple of days but am happy so far. I was definitely pleased to see your other post regarding smart playlists since those are very convenient.

  • Sometimes Strawberry does not pick up changes done in different tag programs, you can use the touch command in a terminal on the files to trigger re-scanning those songs.
    Original year should show the same as year if the tag is empty.
    I tested tagging original year on a FLAC file here, and it is working here. I used KID3. But I had to touch the file for it to be picked up.

  • @jonaski Thanks I will give that a try and see if it resolves my issue.

  • @snakefinger Nope, no luck. Even tried installing KID3 and overwriting ORIGINALYEAR field there but no change, even after touching it again.
    Not sure what the problem is.