• Not knowledgeable enough to declare this an issue on GitHub, so reporting it here. This applies to files that I've converted from lossless to mp4 (aac) and other formats using fre:ac audio converter.

    When viewing bit depth in the playlist column, aac files read 32 bits while playing ; 16 bits when not playing. The same song in lossless ALAC (also mp4) reads 16 bits. The same song converted to mp3 reads 16 bits.

    Can you explain why this happens. I'm not aware of any problem here. I'm just curious.

    I don't think its an issue with fre:ac, because this also happens with other aac files originally from the iTunes library on my Mac.


  • I've been curious about the same thing. We use taglib library for reading them initially, then when they are played, samplerate, bit depth, bitrate and file type is updated by reading using the gstreamer engine.